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             Offering both new and used bikes, Varsity Bike Shop has the perfect bike for you.

    The pictures and information provided below represent a small sample of the wide selection of new bicycles available for purchase. For detailed specifications, and a complete list of models available please follow the links to our manufacturers below. 

    If you come across a model or color you like let us know. We can provide you with the best price possible, and if we don’t have one in stock, we will order it for you. All new bicycles come with free assembly and in addition to the manufactures warranty carry 30 days of free service on everything but flats.

    When you are ready for a new bike, with proof of purchase, we will buy back any bike we sell at a percentage of the original sale price, based on condition.

           Good prices, helpful staff, and great service; thats the Varsity way, and we stick by it!


    Raleigh -

            Various Models

    Phat Cycles -

            Models: Assorted Cruisers


    Macargi Bicycles -

            Models:  Touch, Pantera, 7 sp,

            Fixed Gear

    Vilano Bikes -

            Models: Tuono, Performance Road Bike ,

            Hybrids, Fixed Gear      

    Caraci  -

            Models: Fixed Gear

   American Flyer -

            Models: Cruisers, Fixed Gear

    Freedom -

            Models: Cruisers, Fixed Gear

    3G Bikes -

            Models:  IV Cruiser

    Origin 8 -

            Models:  Assorted Fixed Gear

    Sun Bicycles -

            Models:  Assorted Cruisers

    6KU -

            Models: Fixed Gear, Track Frames

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